When your business is seeking the assistance of professional finance advisors in the sourcing and structuring of commercial finance solutions, Vesnet is your one source.  It is our mission to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with competitive equipment leasing and financing solutions, delivered along with outstanding customer service.
Leverage the strength of our specialized lending services for tailored finance solutions designed for all businesses that produce, trade and purchase equipment. Our equipment finance team understands that every player along the equipment supply chain – from production to transformation to marketing – has unique financing requirements, and with product specialists we are able to provide traditional and structured equipment financing solutions in both small and large companies and customized to meet your specific needs.
VESNET we offer a “Four Corner Solution”
Our name comprises the four cornerstones of our business model: Velocity, Equipment, Solution and Network, as outlined below.
In an efficient and timely manner, we will work with you in identifying the equipment you are looking to acquire and we will be there step by step to manage the financing process overall.  Customer satisfaction is our main goal!
Regardless of the type of equipment you are looking for,  VESNET will work with you in identifying the value this equipment brings to your operation.  Will it enhance efficiency? Does it increase production? Is it replacing an older piece of equipment, driving greater efficiency and production overall?  The more information we have, the more effective we can be in negotiating the best financing option for you.
Once you have sourced the right equipment for your application, we work with you to find a financing structure that is specific to your style and specific business needs.   Are you trying to manage cash flow?  Is your business seasonal in nature?  Are you concerned with off balance sheet treatment?  VESNET has access to solutions that address each of these concerns, and more.

Once we have worked through the process in identifying your equipment requirements, business information and the solution overall, we make use of our extensive network of professionals to ensure that  financing solution we put forward to you is the “right” solution for your company, and your preferences.  With one point of contact, you have unlocked access to a wide array of options to help your business succeed!