Vesnet Services Inc. offers a wide variety of customized, finance and leasing options, tailored to meet your business goals. As a business owner, leasing your commercial trucks will provide a means to deduct 100% of the lease payment for the entire term of the lease. With technology advancements, trucks can become obsolete relatively quickly. With flexible leasing options, you can acquire the new truck you need without having to keep costly assets working years beyond its profitable time.

Vesnet Services Offers:

  • A Wide Variety of Lender Types to Fit any Past Credit Type
  • Approvals for “New Business” Start Up
  • Approvals for Older Model Trucks
  • Seasonal Flexibility
  • Equity Take Out
  • Business Loans
  • Repair Finance
Asset Types

  • Commercial Trucks Class 3-8
  • Haul Trailers
  • Portable Modular Trailers


Unexpected mechanical breakdowns are expensive and unexpected.
Get peace of mind and financial protection with Truck Master Warranty Canada.
Truck Master Warranty Canada is the only insured Extended Warranty program available Canada.

In the event of a mechanical failure on your commercial truck, you need to know that the repairs will be covered by a registered "A" Rated Canadian Insurance Company.  Vesnet Services Inc. offers Truck Master Warranty on all commercial trucks up to 10 calendar years old with less than 1.6 Million km at time of purchase.

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